Song of the Day: Rolling Stones – “Bitch”

Happy birthday to the one and only Keith Richards, who turns 73 years old today. Here’s one of my (and a lot of others) favorite Richards-riff-dominated songs. Andy Johns, who was engineer on Sticky Fingers, said in 2007 that Richards came to the recording session for this song late but when he did, he saved the day. “When we were doing Bitch, Keith was very late,” Johns said. “Jagger and Mick Taylor had been playing the song without him and it didn’t sound very good. I walked out of the kitchen and he was sitting on the floor with no shoes, eating a bowl of cereal. Suddenly he said, Oi, Andy! Give me that guitar. I handed him his clear Dan Armstrong Plexiglass guitar, he put it on, kicked the song up in tempo, and just put the vibe right on it. Instantly, it went from being this laconic mess into a real groove. And I thought, Wow. THAT’S what he does.” The result, of course, was a timeless classic.

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