Pony Tail Dads: Volume 2: In Which A Theme Song is Added



Hey, gang!

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Welcome to the second episode of Ponytail Dads“In Which a Theme Song is Added”! Here’s a little taste of what to expect!

  1. Which musician would you most want to be your dad?
  2. We kind of talk about rap, but mostly can’t.
  3. Top albums of 2016, dawg!
  4. We talk about the lost Foghat song “Fuck You to Death.”
  5. Best/Worst lyrics
  6. Songs to get in a fight after/before
  7. Who has the softest hands?
  8. Kevin bums out everyone by being roughly two years older
  9. Pros/Cons of Spotify’s “Discover Playlist.
  10. Is Jordan going to call Brent the “c-word” again? Doesn’t he deserve it?
  11. Plenty of semi-dead air
  12. How good is Jordan’s dad at guitar? Is he better than Jerry Garcia?
  13. Phish’s stupid lyrics and how they are great
  14. Did Napoleon actually lose at Waterloo?
  15. Bad Dads like Don Henley and Billy Corgan.

Join us for the newest Internet sensation! Literally three-or-so people are talking about it!

Maybe we can make it more!


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