Ringo’s copy of the White Album tops list of world’s most expensive vinyl

thewhitealbumThe Beatles are well-represented on a list of the world’s most expensive vinyl records, published recently by loveantiques.com.

Topping the list was Ringo Starr’s copy of The White Album, which is the first copy of the album ever pressed. The album sold at an auction last year for $910,000.

Following Ringo’s White Album is the only known copy of “That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger” by pre-Beatles band The Quarrymen (valued at £100,000) and the lone one-sided acetate, unedited copy of “Love Me Do” by The Beatles (£80,500).

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Here’s a look at loveantiques.com’s full Top 10; hopefully you are fortunate to have one of these extremely rare records.

1. ‘White Album’ by The Beatles originally owned by Ringo Starr (£730,876).
2. “That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger” by The Quarrymen (£100,000)
3. “Love Me Do” by The Beatles (£80,500).
4. “Music For Supermarkets” by Jean Michel Jarre (£10,000 – £30,000) (only one copy of the album).
5. “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson (£25,000) (only two known originals of this record)
6. “God Save The Queen” by Sex Pistols (£12,000) (only around 300 made)
7. “Would You Believe” by Billy Nicholls (£10,000) (only 100 made)
8. “Please Please Me” by The Beatles – £7,500

“It’s important when buying Beatles albums to check the matrix numbers that are cut into the run off groove,” loveantiques.com says. “These numbers will allow you to work out which pressing you have. As Beatles albums were made by the million it is often these numbers that make the difference between a £10 vinyl and a £1000 treasure.”

9. “Kind Hearted Woman Blues” by Robert Johnson – (£7,000
10. “Bohemian Rhapsody/I’m In Love With My Car” by Queen (£5,000)

“The EMI special edition of the single was also an invite to a company event,” loveantiques.com says. “For this reason, the 7” record came with matches, a pen, a ticket, a menu, an outer card sleeve, a scarf and an EMI goblet. If you have a complete collection with all of the different items, then this is extremely valuable.”

Click here for their full top 20, which includes works by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and U2.

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