You’ve Got To See The Video For The Newest New Stones Single

Forgive me for talking about the new Rolling Stones album again, but since new Stones albums are rare events in the 21st century – the last one came eleven years ago – it is definitely worth talking about, and there is a whole lot more to say. This all-blues album is creating a lot of buzz and is starting to cast a new, more sympathetic light on the venerable Rockers.

You’ve got to watch this new video for the track “Ride ‘Em On Down”, it is quite the ride. One could be uncharitable and call it the pathetic, lost-youth fantasy of dirty old septuagenarians, or you could see it instead as a highly-stylized video fable celebrating the outlaw roots of Rock & Roll. Either way, Rock’s original Bad Boys are still giving decorum the middle finger, and if that makes them Bad Old Men, well, so be it.

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The video stars Kristen Stewart as a badass chick in a badass blue Mustang listening to the scorching blues stomper on the car radio. The song shares the audio with the growl of the Mustang’s engine, but the car radio conceit also serves as a reminder of the elemental nature of these old blues numbers. Just like the earliest Stones tracks, these old blues chestnuts sounded great on lo-fi mono equipment like car speakers. What’s old is new again. It’s like Back To The Future for the vagabonds and shit-kickers and everyone else in the Stonesian underbelly of the big city.

As with the first single, “Ride ‘Em On Down” crackles with authenticity and intensity. Charlie Watts really stands out on this one, so solid, so true, and still banging ‘em as hard as ever at age 75. These guys are not just amazing musicians, they are amazing physical specimens, and seeing as the old blues legends like John Lee Hooker and B.B. King were going strong well into their eighties, this new Stones blues album is telling the world there’s still plenty more gas in the tank of this shiny old muscle car.

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