Dig The First Single From New Stones Album “Blue And Lonesome”

Here’s a little sneak preview of the new Rolling Stones blues album which is due to hit the shelves Friday. By now everyone’s probably heard about the serendipitous origins of this new all-blues-covers album: The Stones were recording some new original songs in Mark Knopfler’s New York studio earlier this year, but as often is the case in unfamiliar settings, the band was having trouble finding their groove. So they turned to a tried-and-true solution for such a situation – start playing some old blues chestnuts until the mojo returns.

Well their mojo came back and then some. The blues numbers were clicking so well they just couldn’t stop, and after just three days they all decided to shelve the original numbers and release an album of the blues tracks instead. Keith Richards told Rolling Stone that the album “made itself”, and Ronnie Wood pointed out that although the album was recorded in three days it was the product “of a lifetime’s research, really”.

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And to me that’s what makes this project so exciting. These guys have been playing these songs for more than 50 years now. At this point in history, there are very few blues artists left who have more experience and are as blues-authentic as the Rolling Stones. So it’s a good time for the Stones to lay some of this down so that, who knows, some younger musicians can rediscover what a musical stepping stone the blues can be.

This first single doesn’t disappoint. Jagger sounds fantastic, and his playing on the blues harp knocks it out of the park. And that groove, good lord I do believe it takes 50 years of experience to learn the subtleties that give it a jump and a kick like this. Stones fans and blues fans ought to love this album, but as I say, its importance comes in bringing authentic Chicago blues to the table once again. As were the old Mississippi Delta field recordings that brought blues to a new generation 60 years ago, these new Stones recordings are all about paying it forward. Can’t wait to hear it all.

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