Rocknuts Has a Podcast!

I’m proud to report that I’ve recently taped the first episode of “Pony Tail Dads,” the unofficial podcast for The essential purpose of “Pony Tail Dads” is largely similar to that of Rocknuts. I get together with three of my good friends (Brent O’Reilly, Kevin Merryman, and occasional Rocknuts contributor Rob Mackie) and discuss every aspect of rock music, from the important benchmarks to the mostly irrelevant bits of trivia. As the beer bottles get emptied, the conversations become more passionate and the arguments more heated. Here’s a little taste of what we cover in the first episode “In Which We Throw Garlic at a Whiteboard to Determine the Order of Things”:

  1. Rob and Brent excitedly discuss the exact point where Metallica went off the rails.
  2. Which band is spookiest? How about most-alienating? How about most depressing/uplifting?
  3. What is the difference between “band” and “artist”? It’s nothing, isn’t it?
  4. I talk about my favorite concert ever, and then Brent makes me feel bad for liking it.
  5. What would you say to Kanye West right now?
  6. Kevin talks about a secret show he saw in Columbus.
  7. We debate the relative merits of R.E.M. and Dinosaur Jr and how maybe they’re not so different.

Sounds fun, right? The link is above (the first episode is split into 4 parts, but subsequent shows will not be).

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