Guns N’ Roses Tease 2017 Return

Guns N’ Roses have made their presence known once more. The GN’R camp have released a 2017 teaser video, which can be seen here. The video depicts tour moments saying “The machine is back at it in 2017.”

The band has already announced 2017 tour dates that take them to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa. and many other countries. As of yet, nothing for North America has been confirmed for 2017.

As far as AC/DC and Rose go, Rose has been quoted saying: “I’ll do that as long as Angus [Young] wants to do it and as long as we can make it work. Guns is really supportive about it. I love that it’s my job. I love that Angus is my boss. And singing the early Brian [Johnson] songs — the first couple of albums with Brian — those are something else to sing, so it’s physically a different animal and another kind of work. And I take pride in doing it.”

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As anything develops on either GN’R or AC/DC you can find that information here, on Rocknuts.

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