6 Late Fall Songs To Dissolve (Or Compliment) Your Shitty Mood


opethbannerHi, boys and girls. I’ve missed you so, so much. Life has been serving all of us a heaping pile of WTF courtesy of 2016, the undisputed worst year in recent memory. Losses, conflict and tragedies have been personal and professional; governmental and local; isolated and widespread.

Let’s face it: We are all starting to feel a little numb. And if you aren’t I congratulate you! May your days be full of purpose and shining hope!

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For the rest of us attempting to schluff off the malaise which comes from trudging through the hard times, there is no better companion than a little music. Music is great – it’s the perfect lover, really. It can commiserate and inspire, challenge and soothe.

So, here is a list of some of my favorite November songs. Whether you’re walking through the forest on a brilliant fall day – trees almost barren with a smell of sweet smoke and earth in your nose; whether you’re becoming impressed at your collection of wine bottle corks; whether you’re ignoring Facebook and needing a break from asinine memes and political mudslinging; or whether you are needing a break from family and end-of-year quotas, this list will indulge your seasonal case of moody misanthropy. And by the end, you’ll hopefully feel a little better.

Side Note: For some reason I’m having a tough time finding high-quality recordings of some of these songs on YouTube. Copyright, probably. So, make sure to check these out with some solid headphones and your preferred method of obtaining music (purchasing or a steaming service).

01. Opeth – Windowpane

Opeth is my favorite band. They’re prog metal Gods on earth and I won’t hear anything anyone has to say otherwise. Come later, I’ll do a list of songs you should check out if you’ve not listened to them much, but for now I’ll kick off the list with this piece of perfectly-formed moodiness in song form. It has no growls in it (as Opeth was once famous for), and offers us a atmospheric and comforting song which speaks to the moments of transition and apathy. It’s simply beautiful.

02. Puscifer – The Humbling River

Puscifer started as a fictional joke band for a sketch on Mr. Show for Maynard James Keenan. Keenan, known popularly for his other bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, brings us a band for what seems to be whatever is left over from his focuses on those two giants of prog and modern alternative/metal. This song is as hopeful as it longing. It’s beautiful, moody and brilliantly paced.

03. River Man – Nick Drake

Taking a departure from modern metal, we find ourselves with a pioneer of singing and songwriting. Nick Drake’s voice is so simple, so haunting and so beautiful. Riverman is taken from his late 60’s album Fives Leaves Left (a name which probably depicts the maple sitting in your front yard right now). On a personal note, I remember hearing Nick Drake for the first time in my fledgling guitar learning days and thinking that I had never heard anyone do what he does – ever. And, to some degree, I still haven’t. His voice is pure smoke, and Riverman is the sound of falling leaves and a crisp fall morning.

04. K’s Choice – Virgin State of Mind

What I’m going for here, everyone, is a sense of catharsis. There’s a million sad sack songs in the world and I’m not here to make you feel worse. I’m here to give you songs which get you! And commiserate with you! And here is a trick from my baggie of 90’s gems ready to help you massage your weariness. Sara Bettens, vocalist of K’s Choice, bring us her fragile and unique vocals to a song which begs the question, “DO you think I’m sexy? Do you think I really care?” So iconic, so pretty and so on-point.

05. Tears for Fears – Mad World

Poor ‘the decade of the 1980’s’ – they didn’t know how to make things sad. This song’s cover, popularized by the movie Donnie Darko and performed by Gary Jules, is the more well-known and gorgeous but crushing interpretation of this classic. I want you to watch the music video linked below if you haven’t seen it. It’s such an incredible song whose modern impact is totally washed away by it’s 1983ness (you’ll know what I mean when you listen to it). That should make you feel better! I need to take a moment for Tears for Fears though – these guys are INCREDIBLE song writers, and under appreciated. Take a listen!

06. Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons

The joke here, is that by the time you are done listening to this 23:09 minute song, the season really will have changed. But, I challenge you to listen to this and to feel the same as you did on minute 1 on minute 23. Despite your best efforts to stay despondent, this song will reach in, understand you, and then bring you somewhere else. You may be so wrapped up in the story this song tells that you might not even notice the 26,000 time signature changes! Dream Theater, please don’t change.

Thanks for reading everyone. I really tried to put songs in here which wouldn’t compound your sadness and frustration. I’ll save those for closer to Christmas! What songs do you turn to after a crappy week? I wanna hear them. Thanks as always for reading. Take care of yourselves, XO TEMMIE

Photo (Opeth) credit: By Roland Deutsch (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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