How much should Mick Jagger tip his waiter?

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The singer was out in New York with four friends and a security detail last week. Apparently, they rang a monster bill at Mr. Cheng’s. Per TMZ, they ordered $478 worth of “noodles, Peking duck and the restaurant’s own Baked Alaska cake for dessert.”

We’re told Mick and co. were very polite and quick, scarfing down their meal. The craziest part — Mick left a tip bigger than the $478 bill … at $500.

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“If you try sometimes, you get what you need” … said the lucky waiter.

Jagger’s gotten slammed in the past for leaving a “piddly 10%.” Looks like he knows how to reward good service, though. $500 on a $478 bill is plenty.

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson

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