Aerosmith schedules first “farewell” tour dates

aerosmithAerosmith has scheduled the first dates in what’s being called a 2017 farewell tour, although how long that farewell will last remains to be seen.

The band has scheduled over a dozen dates, mostly in Europe. The first show takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 17. Shows will also be held in Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Denmark, Switzerland, and the UK, among other locations. Click here to see the full list of dates.

The question is whether or not the tour is truly the beginning of the end. It’s a topic that has been tossed around over the past year, but band members are non-committal about when the last days of Aerosmith might come.

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“We keep talking about what we may call a farewell tour, but based on the Kiss approach, that could go on for three to five years,” rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford said, per Billboard. “We are seriously looking at that, just based on our age and everything.”

Guitarist Joe Perry told Billboard, “I mean, we all know our age is creeping up on us, but, man, we’ve tried to follow the lead of the original blues guys and the early rockers and just keep playing ’til we drop, y’know? We all have different feelings about it.”

In other words, nothing seems certain right now in terms of if the end is near for Aerosmith. Enjoy them while they last, certainly, but chances are they might last for at least a little while.

Photo credit: By Julio Aprea (Steven & Joe) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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