Song of the Day: The Yardbirds – “Heart Full of Soul”

Friday was the 71st birthday to Yardbirds rhythm guitarist and bassist Chris Dreja, who doesn’t quite have the fame of some of the others in the band but played a cool role in rock history than many not know about. Dreja played his part in the formation of the Yardbirds, then when the band began to fall apart in 1968, Dreja was involved in the formation of Led Zeppelin, which you can read about here. Once the decision was made to go with John Paul Jones on bass instead of Dreja, he decided to pursue photography and wound up taking the picture of Zeppelin that appears on the back cover of the band’s debut album. This 1968 track is one of the more popular songs by The Yardbirds and was the first single after Jeff Beck replaced Eric Clapton on lead guitar.

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