Stevie Wonder Says “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”

The election eve Colbert show was a wild and wooly affair that was graced by the reassuring presence of the one and only Stevie Wonder. Great interview, and fabulous performances of “Ma Cherie Amour”, “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”, and this one. Was Stevie sending a message with his song choices? You think? When is Stevie not sending a message?

When he introduced “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” he said he wanted to make it clear that on election day, “whatever happens things will be OK”. It was the kind of comforting that every American could use in the midst of the chaos, but that’s Stevie for you, bringing the Peace and Love 24/7, just like the Beatles. Obviously the world could use more of it.

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Anyway, I love the way he battled to hit the low notes early in the song, but soon enough he let the high notes rip:

Everybody needs a change 
A chance to check out the new 
But you’re the only one to see 
The changes you take yourself through 

Too bad Colbert almost ruined it with his goofy backing vocals, but by the last 30 seconds Stevie hit a beautiful groove with the Stay Human house band, and I wish we could have heard more.

Stevie also performed a version of The Star-Spangled Banner online only, and the whole country oughta see it. If it doesn’t move you than nothing will.


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