Ozzy Osbourne talks voting, voices desire to legalize marijuana

ozzyOzzy Osbourne spoke out on some political issues in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, including the upcoming U.S. presidential election. While he didn’t throw his support behind either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, he did urge people in the United States to vote.

“There’s only a small amount of American people who can vote who do vote,” Osbourne said. “If you don’t like either one of them, go for the one you like a little bit more than the other. … But vote. Whoever gets in, if you don’t like Hillary or Donald Trump, whatever they do, it affects all of you.”

Ozzy also voiced his opinion on marijuana, saying it’s time for it to be legalized.

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“It’s only a leaf,” Osbourne said. “There’s more poison in tobacco. The good thing about legalizing it is the people who grow it illegally, they don’t give a shit what they use to fertilize it. A dear friend of mine smoked that every day, he died of the worst throat cancer ever. But if it was governed by the government, they’d have deadlines: you can’t mix this with that. It would make it smoker to smoke. You wouldn’t get sick. … [But] I think tobacco is far more dangerous for you than pot.”

Ozzy, who is nearing the end of his farewell tour with Black Sabbath, also spoke with Rolling Stone about his upcoming solo album and more. Click here to take a look.

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