13 Freaky Music Videos for Halloween

cometodaddyLooking for something to freak you out this Halloween? Instead of checking out a horror movie, try digging deep into the weird world of music videos and see what you’ll find.

Now, there’s some REALLY messed up music videos out there if you make an effort to find it, as I discovered when putting this together. So, if you’re going to look, proceed with caution. I didn’t share my findings from the deepest parts of the online rabbit hole in this list as some of the stuff that’s out there is just too messed up and I may be trying to scrub it from my brain forever, but we do have a good mix of fun, freaky, and disturbing videos for you that will put you in the Halloween mood. (WARNING: There’s still some disturbing and graphic stuff in here, so viewer discretion is advised!!!)

Here are the ones I picked.

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Aphex Twin – “Come to Daddy” – There are a few artists whose inclusion on this list is a must, and Aphex Twin is one of them. Some might debate whether or not “Come to Daddy” is the right choice of Aphex Twin video for this list, but the scene with the creature screaming at the old lady puts it over the top.

Wolf Alice – “You’re A Germ” – Here’s one from 2015. This video puts Wolf Alice inside a vintage slasher flick complete with zombies, a masked killer, and a clown with a chainsaw. The results are bloody and fun.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You – One of the innovators of shock rock, the late Screamin’ Jay Hawkins seemed at times like someone who you’d want to stay as far away from as possible. To me he’s freakier than so many of the shock rockers that came after him, so I had to include him here. And “I Put a Spell on You” is a really great song.

Rockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” Maybe you had to grow up in the MTV era to find this one creepy. This exercise in paranoia certainly was one of the weirder videos to air in the early days of MTV, and it’s still pretty weird today. The look on the mailman’s face still creeps me out a bit.

Marilyn Manson – Tourniquet A list can be made from Marilyn Manson videos alone, so it’s tough to pick just one. Tourniquet is as good of a choice of any with its creepy crawlies, skin peeling, and whatever the hell else he’s got going on here.

Rob Zombie – I’m Your Boogie Man I’m not sure anyone loves horror flicks more than Rob Zombie, and it showed in his music and videos. Here’s Rob with, well, a bunch of zombies, some rats on his head, and if that isn’t Jim Carrey making a cameo, it sure looks and sounds like him.

Mr. Bungle – Quote Unquote I found this one while scanning other people’s lists for ideas, and I decided to keep it. This song was originally called “Travolta,” later changed for legal reasons. Supposedly this video wasn’t allowed on MTV. They’ve aired worse than this, although this video is definitely freaky.

Primus – Mr. Krinkle This one I grabbed from the comments section for “Quote Unquote.” I would have forgotten all about this otherwise. Sometimes all it takes to freak you out is Les Claypool just standing there in a weird pig mask playing a double bass. I remember seeing this after midnight on Headbanger’s Ball or 120 Minutes or something and just feeling very uncomfortable for some reason.

Tool – Stinkfist

Pick a Tool video, any Tool video basically. The little claymation dudes they have running around in their other videos don’t really bug me much, so I picked Stinkfist because there are human-looking things in it. Plus it’s just a cool song.

Nine Inch Nails – Help Me I Am In Hell Now we’re getting into serious WTF territory. NIN had to be somewhere on this list, but I didn’t want to just throw “Closer” on here because it would be too easy, plus I knew Trent Reznor has done things a lot more twisted than what’s in that video. However, the most disturbing stuff he’s ever done most certainly can’t be posted here and still easily ranks among the most unsettling video material any musician has put together. So this is the compromise — two minutes of a guy eating steak covered in flies while some other guy is off in a corner in a bondage outfit for no apparent reason. And to think this isn’t anywhere close to the most messed up piece of video NIN put out from the Broken EP…

Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon This isn’t nearly as scary nowadays, but at the time, Ozzy Osbourne was the symbol of all things evil for concerned parents across the western world. Mom wouldn’t let us watch this back in the day, but she’d probably laugh at it now.

Michael Jackson – Thriller It’s a boring, all-too-obvious pick, but it can’t not be on the list, right? Mom DID let us watch this one, even though it’s actually much freakier than “Bark at the Moon.” “Thriller” wasn’t just a video when it came out — it was an event.

The Corpse Bride Piano Duet After spending all that time in the unpleasant nether reaches of shocking music videos, I felt the need to put something pleasing at the end. So here’s a lovely scene from Tim Burton’s marvelous The Corpse Bride, with characters played by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter.

So there you have it. What are some of your picks? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Originally published October 2015)

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  1. I remember Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video used to scare the hell out of my brother. I was about nine years old when it came out, so I was still a little upset by it. Just not necessarily to the “night terrors” level like he was.

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