The Close Personal Friends Quiz

rollingstonesEveryone wishes they were friends with rock stars, right? Imagine it: You go out to get your morning paper, only to find Joe Walsh doing the same thing at the adjacent driveway. “How are you, Joe?” you ask. “Life’s been good,” he obviously answers. Leaky toilet? Why not call your buddy Billy Corgan? Trent Reznor was the best man at your wedding!

The point is, we all wish we were on a first-name-basis with our rock idols. But what would that actually be like? Let me answer in quiz form! The idea is that I give you all the first names of members of a given band and you tell me which band. Simple enough, right? Let’s go. Email me with answers. Most of these will be original lineups, but some will be most famous lineups. I trust you to know which is which. By the way, we’re doing real names and not stage names where it applicable. This obviously prevents those clues with stage names from being dead giveaways.

1. Mick, Keith, Brian, Charlie, Ian, Bill

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2. John, Keith, Pete, Roger

3. Rick, Nick, Roger, Syd

4. Neil, Geddy, Alex

5. Steven, Joe, Joey, Brad, Tom

6. Bob, Ron, Jerry, Phil, Billy

7. Christina, Maureen, Lou, Sterling, John

8. James, Scott, Ron, Dave

9. Paul, David, Larry, Adam

10. Steven, Johnny, Andy, Mike

11. David, Graham, Stephen, Neil

12. Jeff, Douglas, John, Tommy

13. Paul, Tommy, Bob, Chris

14. Gordon, Stewart, Andy

15. Kurt, Chris, Dave

16. Eric, Jack, Ginger

17. Rick, Robbie, Garth, Levon, Richard

18. Stephanie, John, Christine, Mick, Lindsey

19. Ernest, Jon, Mike, Page

20. Ian, Brendan, Joe, Guy

Good luck!


Photo credit: By Jim Pietryga ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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