Song of the Day: Jefferson Airplane – “Law Man”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Grace Slick, who turns 77 years old today. This track, written by Slick, is a bit of a nasty little number off the 1971 Bark album that depicts a somewhat unfriendly confrontation with a law officer. Lyrics such as “Law man/I’m afraid you just walked in here at the wrong time/you know my old man’s gun has never been fired/but there’s a first time & this could be/this could be the first time” and “Law man/you know you look to be a lot younger than me/and I’d hate to shoot a baby” are a little tougher to listen to given the climate in the world today, but I still love the line “Well I’m tired and sweet from making love/and it’s just too late/you’ll have to wait/bring your business around here in the morning”. Now that’s an excuse that would be fun to use sometime.

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