Top 10 best didgeridoo rock songs of all time


Indigenous to northern Australia, the didgeridoo originated some 1,500 years ago. Traditionally, the instrument was played by men and used for ceremonial dancing and singing. Today, the didgeridoo is used in a wide range of musical styles. New age music in particular has embraced the -doo, but we’re starting to see some didgeridoo rock creep into the mainstream. Here’s our list of the Top 10 best didgeridoo rock songs:

No. 10. Love the Way You Hate Me by Like A Storm

New Zealand rockers Like a Storm have built a whole band around the didgeridoo and driving guitar riffs. Lead singer Chris Brooks plays triple duty as rhythm guitarist, singer and didgeridoo.

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“We kind of found playing the didgeridoo at the start of the set was the fastest way to get everybody to stop talking and just watch the stage,” Brooks says in an interview with Glide Magazine. “It’s such a unique sound, a hypnotic sound, a dark sound, and that’s what drew me to the instrument. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard. So then we kind of started incorporating it in that way and then on our first record we made that as an intro to the album when we played live. When we got to “Love The Way You Hate Me,” we kind of got about two-thirds through the song and we didn’t really know what to do next. We were like, well, we haven’t played didgeridoo much on this album so far. Let’s do a didgeridoo solo and see what the hell it sounds like. And we had no idea. We’d never heard didgeridoo in like hard rock metal together and had no idea what it would sound like.”

No. 9. Ice Age by David Byrne & St.Vincent

This song took a while to grow on me, but the distorted, staccato didgeridoo lays down an infectious beat.

No. 8. We Have Survived by No Fixed Address

I love this mashup of Australian Aboriginal music, reggae and rock. The group featured Billy Inda on didgeridoo. Inda also played didgeridoo on Goanna’s single “Solid Rock,” which appears later on this list.

No. 7. The Dreaming by Kate Bush

The Dreaming not only features Rolf Harris on the didgeridoo, it’s got bird impersonator Percy Edwards providing sheep noises! Harris, writer of the 1963 hit Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (a song that mentions didgeridoos without featuring one), would later be convicted of multiple sex offenses (via The Daily Mail).

No. 6. Digeridoo by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin shows how modern you can make the didgeridoo sound with a little synth action. This is hard-hitting ’90s drum and bass that reminds me of Prodigy.

No. 5. Lioness Eye by Xavier Rudd

According to lore, Xavier Rudd started using his mother’s vacuum cleaner as a makeshift didgeridoo when he was in grade school. The guitar and other instruments soon followed. Now, he’s one of Australia’s most well-known singer-songwriters.

No. 4. Solid Rock by Goanna

Goanna hit the Australian charts with Solid Rock in 1982. The inspiration for the song came to singer Shane Howard after he took a 10-day camping trip to Uluru. He purportedly had a spiritual awakening there that helped him see the injustices suffered by Australia’s indigenous peoples.

No. 3. Journey To Arnhemland by Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai brings the funk with this didgeridoo-infused jammer. It’s five minutes of head-bobbing, lyric-free music.

No. 2. We Stand Together by Harper and Midwest Kind

Harper and Midwest Kind meld the blues and the -doo nicely. Harper calls his style World Blues: “a rich musical stew of ‘50s rhythm and blues, a ‘60s message of love and unity, and ‘70s funky soul, stirred up with masterful harmonica and the deep, woody, percussive tones of the didgeridoo, served up in a feast of timeless mystery.”

No. 1. From Little Things Big Things Grow by Paul Kelly

This beautiful protest song grows to a crashing crescendo thanks to the didgeridoo that kicks in late.

Use the comment section below to let me know of any didgeridoo rock songs that I missed, and I’ll add them to the list!

Photo credit: Graham Crumb.

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