Roger Daltrey: ‘Rock has reached a dead end’

rogerdaltreyThe man who in the past has sung “Long Live Rock” now proclaims that rock music can go no further.

In an interview with The Times, Daltrey said the words no rock fan wants to hear.

“The sadness for me is that rock has reached a dead end,” Daltrey said, via Consequence of Sound. “The only people saying things that matter are the rappers and most pop is meaningless and forgettable.”

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This is of course a topic we’ve discussed numerous times here at Rocknuts, but it isn’t often that a rock legend like Daltrey declares rock’s death. I don’t quite agree with him that rock is dead though, nor do I agree that rappers are the only people saying things that matter, and hey I even think some of the pop that’s come out over the past year or two has been terrific.

I prefer what Taylor Momsen had to say on the subject to Billboard recently.

“I think rock music is in a transitory state,” Momsen said. “I think all music is right now, with the new paradigm and the way music is being released. It’s all changing right now and I don’t think it’s really settled. I don’t think anyone figured out the new button yet.”

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