Song of the Day: The Velvet Underground – “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”

Today marks three years since Lou Reed passed away — it’s hard to believe that much time has gone by already. Here’s one of the classics Lou wrote during The Velvet Underground days off the album Loaded. One band known to cover the song is Phish, and I like the viewpoint fan site carries of this song as they say you might think it’s a depressing song given the plight of its characters, but maybe it’s actually uplifting. The site says, “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” is incredibly life affirming, especially in the end section where drummer Doug Yule – filling in for Moe Tucker who was on maternity leave – suddenly kicks the whole jam into overdrive. The guitars soar and the drumming continues to pound and it builds until it finally resolves to a reprise of, “She ain’t got nothing at all,” which suddenly feels like a reward instead of a lament. Who says that you can’t make something out of nothing? Sounds good to me.

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