2nd New Van Morrison Single Even Better Than The First

Van Morrison has released a second video in support of his new album Keep Me Singing, and I am loving it. Groovy R&B slow jams simply do not get any better than this.

Like the first single “Too Late” which we raved about a couple of months ago, the video for the new one “Every Time I See A River” is culled from a live performance of the song. For this album Morrison brought together some musicians that he played with forty and more years ago, and the vibe is just so good, it feels like a big plush comfy sweater. Check out the sweet touch on the guitar solo.

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It’s really a beautiful, old-school song, co-written by old-school English film and theatre lyricist Don Black, who is perhaps most famous for the song “To Sir, With Love”, written all of 49 years ago. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this song became another big pop hit for the guy? Well yeah, it would be miraculous if Van Morrison had a hit of any kind, but these lyrics – “Every time I see a river / I feel like I’m back in love again” – are too good to just toss away.

To me, what’s remarkable about the video is watching Van the Man banter playfully with the audience. He’s been known for decades for his rather ornery onstage persona, but now he looks like somebody who has finally found his peace in performance. And there has been a lot of low level mumbling on some records over the years, but here we get the full array of Van Morrison’s vocal tricks, including some impressive high notes.

It’s great to see him performing at such a high level these days. After watching this, and after seeing Robert Plant’s amazing performance on Austin City Limits last week, I’m beginning to think the Desert Trip Festival people invited the wrong old guys to their big show.

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