Weekly Obsessions: 10/12/2016

againstme-shapeshitwithmeWell, it’s officially time for things to get spooky! I don’t know about you loyal-ish readers, but I don’t have my Halloween costume in place yet! I know it’s going to be music-themed, but I can’t narrow it down. Should I go as the terrifyingly eroded sinus cavity of Gene Simmons or the cirrhotic liver of Keith Richards? Truly terrifying examples of the rock-star mythos gone amok.

While we’re being frightfully macabre, I want to invite all of the readers of this site to join my “Dead Pool.” Together, we’ll make sport of various rock-themed deaths.

Actually, I don’t even want to make a game out of it. 2016 seems fond of killing musicians we actually like, so here’s a list of deaths that will almost certainly occur by year’s end: But first, this bullshit advertisement that takes up the whole page.

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Jerry Lee Lewis

Chuck Berry

Mike Love

Thurston Moore

Richard Hell


Herbie Hancock

Steven Tyler

Et al.

Anyway, here’s an album I’ve really enjoyed this week:

Against Me! has been a reliable source of modern punk rock for 20 years now. Genre stalwart Laura Jane Grace has evolved from a modest solo act to a full-fledged touring band over the course of six albums. Shapeshift With Metheir latest, explores the nature of identity, all while keeping in mind the obvious elephant in the room (Grace’s semi-recent gender re-assignment surgery). Regardless of the perspective, these are strong songs. Though Grace has a voice uniquely suited for the trappings of punk, this can still encompass a wide variety of subgenres. Standouts like “Boyfriend” expertly injects power pop with an authentic emotional edge. The pain is palpable.


I hope you’re all having a great week! Maybe the Cubbies are going to do it this year! Also, maybe not.  I don’t care what happened with San Francisco. We’ll see.

I want to go on record as the guy who didn’t believe, just in case magic doesn’t happen for the 1000th consecutive year in human history.

It must be great knowing me personally, huh? You should all be so lucky.


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