Song of the Day: The Strokes – “New York City Cops”

The seminal debut album from The Strokes Is This It turned 15 years old in July, and needless to say it had quite a bit of influence in the rock world since then. I went back and listened to it recently and while it not surprisingly doesn’t feel quite as fresh as it did when I wore it out back in 2001, it’s still pretty darn great. “New York City Cops” is a track that was pulled off the U.S. version of the album, which was scheduled for release a couple weeks after 9/11. The lyrics “New York City cops/But they ain’t too smart” didn’t really fit well at that time for obvious reasons and after the album was pushed back to an October 9 release date, The Strokes replaced the song with the track “Trying Your Luck” on the U.S. Version. But, it was still available on international versions if you wanted to buy a copy on import.

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