LEGO Announces Beatles Yellow Submarine Toy Set


Well if The Beatles haven’t already cemented their exalted standing in the pantheon of human culture, maybe this is the last little honor that puts them over the top.

The toy manufacturer LEGO has announced that on November 1, it will release the Official Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO set consisting of over 550 LEGO bricks including the 4 minifigures representing John, Paul, George and Ringo. There will also be a Jeremy Hillary Boob figure from the movie, who in 2016 will be known as simply Jeremy, since we need to protect our kids from nonsense words like boob.

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The toy looks like great fun for kids and for people like me who never grew up. The submarine will have a functioning propeller and rudder, rotating periscopes and a removable chassis that reveals the cockpit for the four Beatle figures. The Beatles’ likenesses are based on their images in the movie, although the press release notes that George’s longer hair reflects him from a different phase of the group in order to distinguish him from the others. Damn revisionists!

I suppose if they were aiming for true historical accuracy they would have included a Maharishi minifigure who gropes at passing women, and a Yoko minifigure lurking mysteriously in the corner. Maybe they will be included in future updates.

The set will retail for $60 which seems like a reasonable price for a toy that doubles as a collectors’ item. It looks like a great way to introduce the little ones to the Beatles, and as an added bonus, when you step on one of the blocks with your bare feet, you won’t just feel excruciating pain, you will also hear the joyous strains of “All You Need Is Love” come coursing through your brain, such is the power of The Beatles.

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