Song of the Day: Diarrhea Planet – “Bob Dylan’s Grandma”

Ok I confess in part to wanting to make this Song of the Day because of how great of a band name/song title combo it is. It’s also a pretty cool song though — a melodic pop-punk track with lyrics that tell the tale of a young boy’s rock dream: Back in the sixth grade/I heard Jimi Plays Monterey/Boy, did I melt that tape/And let that cassette self-immolate/Pentatonic killing floor/Bob Dylan’s grandma holding down the twos and fours/Monolithic crates of vacuum tubes/From which every note rang true/It had been my dream to race f1 or fly f-16s/I’ve got the next best thing/To cut my teeth on these six strings/I’ll get a stratocaster/And practice ’til my fingers bleed/The metronome ticks faster/Counting down from 9 to 3/Until my arthritic hands/Can’t paint the exit-in/If i don’t see the end…

It’s a cut off their 2016 release Turn To Gold, which was mostly well-received by critics and is worth checking out for sure if you like what you hear here.

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