Maynard James-Keenan on how close he was to being in Rage Against the Machine

maynardjameskeenanThe world got a taste of Tool frontman Maynard James-Keenan backed by Rage Against the Machine when he appeared on the song “Know Your Enemy” from the group’s self-titled debut album. That cameo was an indication of what could have been, had Maynard actually decided to front the band.

In a Rolling Stone interview released this week, Maynard looked back on the days before Rage Against the Machine came to be when he was working with future RATM members Tom Morello and Tim Commerford and revealed there was at least a brief time when there was thought given to him joining the band.

“Well, there wasn’t a Rage when I was working with Tom,” James-Keenan said. “I think he was working with Timmy [Commerford], perhaps. I can’t remember if Brad was drumming or not. This is very foggy at that time ’cause I didn’t know Brad yet, so you’d have to talk to Brad, find out if it was actually him. We actually were in a rehearsal space – this is after [Morello’s former band] Lock Up was dead and he was trying figuring out where he gonna go next, and so yeah, it was right around the same time all those things were happening. And I think just the vibe of where they wanted to go … I guess I had a little bit of that Green Jellö thing going on in me still, so I was looking for almost a Puscifer approach to music at that point. They were looking for a more serious approach, so I think that was pretty much immediate. If there was a consideration for that at all, it was very brief, but it was all at the same time”

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While it’s interesting to wonder how things could have turned out with Maynard in the band, most people probably like the way things turned out as both Tool and RATM obviously went on to storied careers.

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