Coming tomorrow: Rolling Stones (w/ Clapton) to debut 1st album in more than a decade


The Rolling Stones are dropping hints that tomorrow could be a very big day for the band. After more than a decade, it appears they’re ready to release their first studio album: a collection of covers of Chicago blues classics.

The group put out a teaser on Twitter on Facebook:

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“The band did not offer further details but Don Was, the US producer who has overseen the Stones’ studio sessions over the past two decades, said they had cut an album of takes on Chicago blues songs,” The Guardian reports.

The Stones recorded the album in three days with a simple microphone set-up and no further studio touch-ups, hoping to preserve a raw, authentic feel, Was told the French newspaper Le Figaro last week.

Guitar great Eric Clapton also took part in sessions as he was recording an album in an adjacent studio, said the producer, who is also known for his band Was (Not Was) of the 1980s.

An hour ago, they named a time for the release (“TOMORROW. 2PM GMT / 6AM PST / 9AM EST.”):

It’s the perfect run-up to the Stones’ upcoming megashow at Desert Trip, California’s newest music festival featuring almost all of rock’s living legends.

Photo credit: Øderud – Riksarkivet (National Archives of Norway)

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