Steve-n-Steven Isn’t Exactly What You Think It Is, Or Maybe It Is

What the duo Steve-n-Steven is calling the Chinese Democracy of the pre-school set is finally set to arrive.

Steve-n-Steven is comprised of Steve Burns, former host of beloved kids show Blue’s Clues, and Flaming Lips mastermind Steven Drozd. These gentlemen have been working on an album for quite some time, but now Foreverywhere is set to be released real soon.


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If reports are to be believed then this has been a collaboration along time in the making. The Future Heart really goes in-depth, but the abridged version has the pair meeting in 2001 making a few goofy songs. Fast forward to 2003, which has Drozd working on Burns’ debut album Songs For Dustmites. There was a supposed follow up, 2009’s Deep Sea Recovery Efforts; it has never been officially released however, you can find it bootlegged on the web, also on YouTube. Then we find ourselves to the year 2009 with the creation of a MySpace page under the Steve-n-SteveN banner-there are some tracks on this page as well.

After all that history and happenstance Steve-n-Steven now have a twitter account and a youtube page. You can get your first taste of the album with “The Unicorn And Princess Rainbow” at their website here.

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