Bruce Springsteen contemplates future in Rolling Stone interview

brucespringsteenbannerBruce Springsteen has been rocking harder than ever lately, routinely playing marathon, record-breaking shows that in some cases have even surpassed the four-hour mark. Yet, at age 67, even Springsteen has to wonder how much longer he will keep things going.

Springsteen discussed his future in a wide-ranging Rolling Stone article published on Wednesday, and other than being very precise about what age he thought was the upper limit of performing life (74), he had no concrete answer when it came to how much longer he might continue playing.

“At my age, life is day-to-day,” Springsteen told Rolling Stone. “Depending upon your health, you can be at a very different point in your life at the age that I’m at. So it’s how you’re feeling and the shape you’re in and how you feel emotionally and spiritually inside and what you’re up for and what kind of effort and commitment you still want to bring to what you’re doing. I’m still firing on all eights. I’m completely committed like I was when I was 16 or 21 years old. I can still do it with no problem. But life as you get older is more like, ‘What a great day today is. And let me see, what am I going to do? What am I going to do in the next six months or the next year?’ But there’s no real answer to that question, because it’s just where you’re at right now. You realize there’s a finiteness to it. So that changes your nightly experience. You can look out ahead and go, ‘OK, I’m 67. In 10 years I’m 77. Maybe that’s four tours away, or five tours.’ You can do that and go, ‘Wow.’ You can speculate, but that’s all.”

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Springsteen did say he planned on moving back and forth over the next few years between solo work, archival releases, and performing with the E Street Band.

“All of the above, you know,” Springsteen said. “At this point, my plan is to do everything that I do and at different intervals. I’d love to tour solo again. I look forward to playing with the band again. We’re going to play in Australia this winter. And whatever else comes my way, whatever projects come my way. I don’t have any five- or six-year plan, outside of having whatever music I’m making now and getting out and just continuing my work life.”

Springsteen also discussed his past career, gave some outspoken political opinions and more. Click here to see the full interview.

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