The Prince of Peace & Love Strikes Again

I just can’t let this one go by. A couple of weeks ago Ringo Starr released a new song and video in partnership with the United Nations, celebrating the U.N.’s International Day Of Peace, and I think more people need to hear it, because it’s really pretty good.

Of course, you’ve got to get past a certain earnest sameness that every collaborative, benefit song project has shared ever since “We Are The World” bored us to tears all those years ago. What makes “Now The Time Has Come” stand out are the contributions of Ringo himself. If this planet had an official Prince of Peace & Love he would be the obvious choice, making him the perfect candidate for this kind of project.

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There’s nothing ground-breaking about it, but it’s a nice little song that he has written. The sweet melodic upturn in the chorus provides a gorgeous little hook, and the singers really hit it beautifully. It’s so reassuring to hear Ringo’s distinctive, reedy vocals sounding as strong as they ever did, which is more than we can say for his former Beatles bandmate who’s still bravely grinding ’em out these days.

And it’s always a treat to see and hear Ringo drumming. Even on a simple song like this, Ringo can deliver a certain feel for a song in a way that nobody else can, a deep-pocket comfort groove. This is the man who put the “Roll” in Rock & Roll, and he’s still got the touch at age 76.

The vocals are all well done on this record, but I can’t tell you who most of the singers are. There are nice turns by Richard Page of Mr. Mister, and Colin Hay from Men At Work, but that’s about all I could figure out. The press release said the song also featured backing vocals from ”social media superstars Christian Collins, Maddi Jane, Casey McPherson, James Maslow and Wesley Stromberg.”

Who knew social media superstars could sing so well? Too bad they all can’t share Ringo’s commitment to Peace & Love.




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