Ghost B.C.’s New Song ‘Squared Hammer’ is Unsurprisingly Awesome


Ghost BC has released their new EP POPESTAR this week. Fresh from that release is their new single ‘Squared Hammer’.

I’m pleased to announce that Ghost BC has continued their journey of music making, and have taken an integral route in this endeavor. Their look and stage presence is so awesome and preform-y, that they have the makings of being a gimmick-over-substance band. Luckily, their music has sustained voice and feel without over staying their welcome. Ghost BC is not a one concept album pony.

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I’m not going to argue semantics of this band’s genre because their appeal is vast. Ghost BC has this wonderful quality that appeals to metal fans, Hot Topic kids, old-school rock fans, and even my friends little girl is dressing as the lead singer for Halloween.


For the initiated, Ghost BC is a Swedish band comprised of 5 members, 4 of which go by ‘Nameless Ghouls’ with their lead singer, papal in nature and embodying all the charm of a skeleton is known by fans as Papa Emeritus. They sing about Satan and dark things in a great, progressive early 70’s kind of metal feel. What’s cool about this band, is that they never stop being this performance of themselves – all messages on Facebook are addressed as from the ‘Clergy’, they claim to be on ‘Papa Emeritus #3’ (though most people think it’s a ruse to add to their dark and mysterious nature and that the lead singer is still the same person), and best of all – the true identities of the band members is at best contested, but is ultimately unknown. They’re weird! And interesting! And entertaining! And best of all, the music is good. Really, really good.

Their newest video for Square Hammer has scooped up over 1 million views in just 10 or so days. Pretty impressive for any alternative band. Like I said, they have a mass appeal that is hard to deny. The song has a super-cool organ part which makes this otherwise driven song a little spooky, and very appropriate for the Halloween-season.

Take a look:

Ghost BC just happens to be one of those bands that just gets it right in many regards. Their branding is just cool. I mean look at their cover for their previous album INFESTISSUMAM:


Their logo is incredible and immediately recognizable,  and their music enhances their stage presence and their stage presence enhances their music. If you’re interested in further viewing, here is another one of my personal favorite songs by them, check it out here:

What do you think? Are they great or gimmick?

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