Beck Goes Poppy Dance Floor With New Single

Beck’s 2014 album Morning Phase really deserved all the critical acclaim it got, as well as its Grammy for album of the year. But, Beck was never one to pigeonhole. Style after style, album after album, Beck has taken his eclectic mixes and created wonders.

Now, Beck has released his third single, “Up All Night,” from his yet to be titled Morning Phase follow up. “Up All Night” takes Beck into full Maroon 5 and Timberlake territories. He croons on the catchy chorus “I just want to stay up all night with you.”

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Rolling Stone was able to catch up to Beck and he said: “We’d go off on a Talking Heads kick, and then we’d come back six months later listening to something else. The record started to find an identity. My constant overriding thing was to find that affirming feeling – energy and joy.”

Beck has already released the very vibrant “Dreams” and “Wow.” Even with the three tracks being done it seems the album might slip out of its October release date. No other information for the album has been announced.

Photo credit: By Barry Mulling from North Hollywood, USA (Detour 2006 – Beck) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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