New Neil Young song, video protest Dakota Access Pipeline

neilyoungvideoNeil Young tackles a familiar subject — big oil — in his new song “Indian Givers,” the video for which was released last week.

The song speaks out against the Dakota Accesss Pipeline, a project that would pump 570,000 barrels of oil a day from the Dakotas to Illinois. The project has angered Native American tribes in the vicinity of the proposed pipeline, who say the pipeline would damage the local environment and cultural sites. The federal government has temporarily blocked construction of the pipeline.

In the song, Young makes no bones about where he stands on the issue, with lyrics such as “Bring back the days when good was good/Lose these imposters in our neighborhood/Across our farms and through our waters/All at the cost of our sons and daughters/Our brave songs and daughters/We’re all here together fighting poison waters/Standing against the evil way/That’s what we have at the end of day.”

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Watch the video below:


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