Artist Spotlight: Rishloo

As a self-proclaimed metal and prog head, I often catch flack for not liking Tool. Telling a Tool fan that you don’t like Tool is like telling them that Santa isn’t real; the expression on their face often mimics that of a person who just learned for the first time ever that everyone is going to die someday. Seriously Tool fans, you guys are hardcore. I whole heartedly respect that. In fact, I was at a Tool show just about a year ago in Tempe, AZ. They were headlining the Monster Mash tour featuring other bands such as Ghost BC and Primus. I have never, ever, ever, ehh-evv-er seen a crowd like that in my entire life – tens of thousands of people waiting to see one show. Tool is one of those bands where you are allowed to wear the band’s logo tee-shirt to the bands concert. It felt almost like a brother hood, and everyone whom I spoke with talked to me like they were about to receive mass at their Church of Maynard. My husband is a die-hard Tool fan. He has this awful luck of liking bands, like Tool,  that don’t produce a large catalog of music. So, if he digs a sound of a band, he generally has to play the few records they’ve released until even I know the music and words by heart. Luckily for us, Rishloo came into our life to help patch the holes left by a few of his favorite bands.

Rishloo, a Seattle based band, is a mix of The Mars Volta, Tool and Fair to Midland. It scratches an itch for these bands who happen to be infamous for not releasing a whole lot of material. 2 of the 3 are not even official bands anymore. But unlike all bands that sound ‘like other bands’ there is an air of originality to their offerings. I often shrink and make bitter-beer-face when someone tells me about a band which “sounds a lot like my favorite bands’. Why? Well, it’s because they often don’t come anywhere near why I like the band I like to begin with, and it generally insults my sensibilities. However, in Rishloo’s case, there is enough originality and solid song writing for them to escape with the comparisons I’ve made. They have a Facebook and an official website at Rishloo,com, but they aren’t all that prolific either. They hang out mostly in their PNW trees and cities and don’t come out of hiding much. But they’re a great band to add to your moody and pensive music playlists if your looking for something a little different and interesting to listen to. They, like the bands I mentioned before, only have a handful of albums to offer, but I’ll tell you what I keep telling my husband – quality over quantity sometimes matters, dearies.

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What bands get you through when you’re tired of spinning your favorites over and over again? I have to know! XoX Temmie

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