Mick Jagger’s child support for new baby to top $3 million


Earlier this year, we learned Mick Jagger’s expecting his first child in 17 years. The mother, 29-year-old ballerina, Melanie Hamrick, is expected to get more than $3 million in child support over the next 18 years. Jagger will also cover her housing covering (wherever she decides to settle).

The dancer, who has dated the Rolling Stones singer “casually” for two years, became pregnant during the band’s tour of South America earlier this year.

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But Sir Mick, 72 , has made it clear the couple are not serious. Instead he has given a string of legally binding assurances that their child will be provided for. (via The Irish Mirror)

Hamrick will likely get $15,000 a month until the child hits 18. Not a bad deal!

Hamrick was still performing onstage as recently as June. Her baby is due in December.

Photo credit: Jac. de Nijs (ANEFO)

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