Aerosmith drummer on band’s future – “A final decision hasn’t been made”

joeykramerWhether the end of Aerosmith is truly in sight is yet to be seen, but the band seems to at least be thinking about it.

Frontman Steven Tyler said earlier this year that a farewell tour would be on the way in 2017. Guitarist Joe Perry responded by saying that while the band has discussed it, the end wasn’t yet in sight.

Drummer Joey Kramer weighed in on the subject in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, saying that nothing is certain but the realities of age are also setting in.

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“We’re not 25-year-olds anymore – we can’t play as many shows as we used to,” Kramer said. “Steven can’t sing two nights in a row or three to four nights a week – it’s physically impossible. So it becomes a question of going out [on tour] less than we used to, or not doing it at all.

“Aerosmith is all of our first loves, but I also don’t know many other people who have consistently done the same job for 45 years. As we’re getting older, we’ve been kicking the idea [to end the band], but a final decision hasn’t been made.”

Kramer also discussed his own health, what he’s been doing while the band’s been on break (running a coffee shop), Tyler’s country album, and more. Click here to read.

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