Hear Kim Gordon’s first song released under her own name

kimgordonFormer Sonic Youth bassist/guitarist/vocalist Kim Gordon released a new track called “Murdered Out” on September 12, the first track to be recorded under her own name.

Gordon told NPR that the song is “probably the most accessible thing” she’s done and that there was no particular significance to it being a song under her name.

“It just kind of happened randomly,” Gordon said to NPR. “I met Justin [Raisen], the producer. He wanted me to sing on this project he had been working on. After a year I finally went over and we made up some lyrics. He took what I didn’t use, vocal wise, and made a loop, a rhythm thing. He put my vocals to it, extended it. I went back and did more vocals. He had [Warpaint’s] Stella [Mozgawa] play drums on it.

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“Justin did the rhythm. I just overdubbed guitars. He did the bass and the main body of the track. We’ve talked about doing more stuff [together.] I’ve never really worked that way before. I worked that way a little bit, but not to this extent where someone’s picking on my vocals and guitar and shaping it in a way.”

Listen to the song here:

And click here to read the full Q&A with Gordon at NPR.

Photo credit: By Bertrand from Paris, France (Route du Rock day 3 // #4) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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