10 Great Workout Songs: Metal Edition

visigothIf you’re anything like me, you never really *feel* like going to the gym. But, like a a good adult, I pull myself together, begrudgingly pour myself into various forms of spandex/lyrca blends and head to the gym to undo years of fat debt. Much like going into normal money debt, putting on fat debt is a lot more fun then shedding it – beers, late night shared dinners, more beers, morning mimosas, holiday favorites… oh right I’m supposed to be writing about music. I’m sorry! It’s just that food is the greatest, and I really do value my body, and sometimes the two ideals don’t mesh.

That’s where this list comes in. I start to get hyped about the pain I am about to push my body through, but only with the right music. Without music to listen to, all I have to focus on is the pain, which I’m not so very good at. I have this really weird thing where I don’t like being uncomfortable. Me, and everyone else ever. But if I have the right music, with the right message, with the right chorus I feel like Popeye eatin’ a can of spinach.

Thing is, rockers, you’re here because you ALSO want tunes to turn up your workout without having to suffer through inspirational pop or the billion genres of techno or crappy bro-angry-numetal. So, let’s get to it. 10 songs you can add to your list today to make you lift a little harder or run another 30 seconds.

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This Swedish melodic metal/folk group will have you working hard while you listen to their tales of viking life and imagery. Unleash your inner warrior.

Norwegian symphonic/black metal band Dimmu Borgir is epic and riveting, and will push you through to that next set.

The chorus of “Things We Believe In” by German metal/folk band Orden Ogan will remind you that you cannot give up on yourself or the things you want!

Another song whose chorus will drive you to new heights, Visigoth’s “The Revenant King” will surely awaken something primal and powerful.

Arch Enemy has always been a favorite of mine. They’re seriously talented, with seriously smart, innovative and catchy song writing. This song will get you going on a run to push your limits.

Hey, your heart could be on fire too! Hopefully not with some kind of cardiac arrest, but pumping strong with every extra minute on the treadmill,

I have a soft spot for Blind Guardian. This band is undoubtedly a slice of power metal, and I wanted to include some kind of power metal song on to the list. Most bands in this genre offer unwavering, positive, and thematic music. It’s definitely not for everyone, though this particular song is catchy, fast and indulgent.

This Finish band is fast and will keep your feet moving.

I had to throw Iron Maiden on this list. If you’re thinking of ending your workout early, think of all the wasted years (or cheat meals that got you here). Or, the years you WON’T waste by being a healthy Helen or Hank!

Austrian Death Machine… These guys are an American band, whose purpose is to exalt ‘The Muscled One’ and former Governator of California. You got it right, it’s an entire metal band dedicated to famous lines, movies, and interests of Arnold S. This song is kind of ridiculous, but everyone needs to smile a little during a workout.

Feelin’ lazy? Here’s a link to a Spotify playlist I’ve made with these songs.

Are you proud of the large v’s of sweat you left on your clothing? Lemme know what gets you though a tough workout! XoX Temmie


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