Eddie Vedder + Twin Peaks = Unclear!

eddievedder1Sources are reporting that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has written an original song for the upcoming revival of the cult television show Twin Peaks. Apparently, the alt-rock icon has been officially involved with the David Lynch project for quite a while now, but it was unclear what his role would be.

Lynch is known for casting musicians in acting roles (Sting, Billy Ray Cyrus), and there was speculation that Lynch was going to try this with Vedder. Of course, Eddie Vedder’s stage persona would seem to translate naturally to the field of acting. He’s just so damn earnest!

Alas, It looks as though he may just be contributing as a musician, at least for now. “Out of Sand” is perfectly good, if a bit generic. I suppose David Lynch is one of the great artists who dares to look at the seemingly generic exteriors and expose the dark squirming mass settled just underneath. Perhaps the resigned “cool-uncle” vibe of present-day Eddie Vedder is just a superficial component of a much darker tale. I know Trent Reznor is involved as well, but it’s hard to say in what capacity.

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Lynch has always used music to great effect, from the “Lady in the Radiator” song of Eraserhead to Blue Velvet’s unsettling corruption of the classic Roy Orbison track “In Dreams.” As a so-so fan of Lynch’s work in general, I must agree that his soundtracks are always perfect.  Why not add Eddie Vedder to the mix? What do you guys think? Anyone excited about the Twin Peaks revival and/or Eddie Vedder’s involvement in it? Check out the song below.


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