Watch Van Morrison Perform His New Single, “Too Late”

vanmorrisontoolateA few weeks ago I was mooning over the re-release of Van Morrison’s 1973 live album Too Late To Stop Us Now. I couldn’t recommend the box set enough for the opportunity to see and hear the idiosyncratic Rock legend at the peak of his powers.

Well here we are 43 years later, and how wonderful it is to know that Van The Man is still out there writing and performing and givin ‘er at age 71. He recently announced that on September 30 he will be releasing his first new album of original songs in four years.

The album is called Keep Me Singing, and it will be Morrison’s 36th studio album. Think about that for a minute. That’s an almost unbelievable body of work. When you’ve created so much material, it can’t all be great, and he has without question hatched some turkeys along the way.

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But given an artist with such profound talent it also means there must be many more moments of greatness, too, and I have often complained about how some of Morrison’s latter-day works don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. Where this new album falls on that spectrum remains to be seen, but as far as I’m concerned, anything really good is gravy in light of his brilliant works.

This week he released a video of the album’s new single, “Too Late”. There’s nothing earth-shattering about it, and it won’t make anybody forget “Caravan”. But it’s good enough for me, with Van getting back to similar arrangements used in his early-Seventies prime, and an uptempo and uplifting feel that he seemed to abandon in the 1980s.

Keep Me Singing will feature 12 new originals plus a cover of the Bobby Bland classic “Share Your Love With Me”, which was also memorably covered by Aretha Franklin and The Band, among others. The song “Every Time I See A River” has Morrison collaborating with English film and theater lyricist Don Black, perhaps most famous for writing the words for “To Sir, With Love”. And the closing track on the album, “Caledonia Swing”, is an instrumental featuring Van on piano and sax.

I’m looking forward to the album with no expectations. I’m just thrilled the guy is still going strong.

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