Watch Great New Ben Folds Video “Not A Fan”

notafanOur friend Ben Folds continues to tour the world in support of last year’s standout album So There. The album was a bold statement for Folds, and he is wise to take time spreading it far and wide, because sometimes bold statements need a little nurturing to really sink in.

So There was really two albums in one. The first part featured Folds performing 8 original songs backed by a classical sextet. Part two was a Gershwinesque concerto written by Folds and performed with a symphony orchestra.

In my breathless review of the album I argued that while the sextet songs worked well overall, his lyric writing hasn’t grown along with his musical ambitions, and sometimes things descend into cheesy sentimentality. I suggested the fresh energy of his 20-minute concerto was the highlight of the whole affair.

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In any case, Folds is currently on a deep Australian tour, and while he was there he collaborated with the Sydney Dance Company to create this video for the song “Not A Fan”, and I think it’s beautifully done.

“Not A Fan” is a parable of modern love, asking the question: Can you truly love somebody if you hate the music they listen to? Typically, Folds plays it for laughs but reaches for poignancy at the same time:

I’m not a fan
Like you and your friends.
You’re so well read; I grew up on sugar cereal and TV.
I’m starting to wonder what you see in me.
No, I’m not a fan,
But maybe I could learn to be.

Oh, there’s always something from the start.
You try to tell yourself it’s only small,
But it’s not.
And it’s the very thing that later on will tear it all apart.

In an age when everyone lays claim to their “own” music on their own devices, the song raises a lot of questions that might be better served by a reading of Carl Wilson’s book Let’s Talk About Love, which examines what our musical tastes reveal about us.

Or you could just watch the video again, since choreographer Cass Eipper and performer Nelson Earl capture the essence of this modern conundrum so eloquently and wordlessly.





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