Like to party? London mayor wants you as ‘Night Czar’

London's Night Czar will earn £35,000 (roughly $46,400).

London’s Night Czar will earn £35,000 (roughly $46,400).

This is why I love Europe. The Mayor of London’s looking “to appoint the UK’s first Night Czar to shape London’s future as a 24-hour city,” according to an official job posting. “The Night Czar will champion the value of London’s night time culture whilst developing and diversifying London’s night time economy.”

The one-year appointment requires a 2.5-day-per-week commitment.

Working with the Mayor, the Night Time Commission, local authorities, businesses, the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport For London and other agencies, the Night Czar will create a vision for London as 24-hour city and a roadmap showing how the vision will be realised. The Night Czar will have proven leadership ability, public profile and convening power, plus a thorough understanding of the night time economy and the ability to work in a political environment.

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The role won’t be all drinking and dancing, though. The public’s already calling for a Night Czar who can protect clubs from regulations and high prices and keep artsy areas artsy. “Gentrification is quite possibly the topic of 88.8 per cent of conversations Londoners have between themselves. It drives rent price up, whitewashes local culture and, sadly, rings the death knell for nightclubs,” writes MixMag.

“King’s Cross used to be a clubbing mecca but now it’s more renowned for streetfood festivals. Elephant and Castle faces the same fate, with Coronet closing at the end of this year and Corsica Studios now under the shadow of a gleaming new block of flats. It’s why the council in Dalston don’t dish out late licenses to new venues, preferring to keep the area quiet for residents of new builds with a starting price of £500,000. And it’s happening rapidly in Hackney Wick, with its proximity to Stratford and the Olympic Stadium (now home to West Ham United F.C). Artists and musicians put all of these areas on the map and will continue to do so in areas of London that haven’t been ‘discovered’ yet. A Night Czar could work to ‘ringfence’ these hotspots in order to allow them to continue nurturing arts and culture that’s active in the day and night.”

Get your application in by Sept. 12 (via Pitchfork). London’s Night Czar will earn £35,000 (roughly $46,400).

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