GUNSHIP is the Band you Never Knew you Needed

gunshipHello fellow music lovvveerrrs. It’s been a while since my last post. I have been caught up with some light traveling and finishing up a lot of work for a piece of paper (better known as a Bachelor’s degree). I am back home now in the Central Valley of California, might I add much to my chagrin. Like many American families, my husband and I live somewhere dictated by the needs of the US Armed Forces. The call of duty for my active duty Husband has landed us in Naval Air Station Lemoore. Never heard of it? Don’t feel alone, no one has. This area of our great country is home to only a few things – flat farm land and endless acres of produce, impossibly hot weather, dust storms, and F-18 fighter jets (and a few people to work on them). Lemoore is far, FAR from the comforts of home that I desire. Life here is pretty tough; the job market is sparse and competitive, there isn’t a whole lot of options for entertainment and of course all of my ride-or-die homies are approximately 2500 miles away. In a self-indulgent funk, I went for a drive one evening to contemplate my loneliness. Lemoore is home to something else I forgot to mention – incredible sunsets. The sky goes on forever. Combined with the heat and the aridness, at sunset I can pretend that I’m in some sort of post-apocalyptic scenario where I ready my make-shift plunger gun and grab my leather jacket to prepare for the wiles of the night.

Are you there with me? Can you see it? The kaleidoscopic blues, purples, oranges and reds in a cloudless sky? The haze of heat and pollution settling to the earth with the cooling temperature, creating a blurred outline of purple Sierra Nevada mountains?

I need you to picture that, and then press play on this music video:

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GUNSHIP describes themselves, taken from a August 2015 AmA on, as, “a neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with analog synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, all exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984.” A listen to their self-titled album (and sadly only album) proves this point to a T with creative synth stacking and dreamy, harmonious, layered vocals. This band is a lot of what your heart loved about new wave with a modern twist. Their catchy tunes aren’t boring or predictable and offer a delicious sense of longing combined with an air of anticipation. GUNSHIP scratches the itch of the 80’s cinema in song-form. Let’s face it, they don’t make movies like they used to. There was some kind of magic and immediate immersiveness in watching Predator or Robocop – perhaps it was in the production value, actors and over-all feel of the movie. You know the feel I’m talking about? The feeling of iconic lines and protagonists unfolding right before your eyes?

Are you with me? Do you see it? The smell of an alley after a rain, dappled in lights from street lamps and headlights on cars. Kyle Reece emerges naked, looking for Sarah Conner…

Now press play on this music video.

Hey, our favorites are right there! I adore this clever video. Oh, did you happen to notice that John Carpenter was the video director?! If you’re interested by now, you should check out the GUNSHIP YouTube channel. They have 4 official music videos and a bunch of other interesting and visually-inspiring uploads.

According their Facebook page, GUNSHIP area London-based sythnwave band is comprised of 3 members – Dan Haigh & Alex Westaway & Alex GingellI. If you really dig the sound and the look, they’re rereleasing this album on vinyl this October. And would you please look at this?


It is a custom color vinyl in a sleeve resembling at 3×5 floppy disk. Straight forward and brilliant.

The next time you are feeling lonely in a place that looks like a set of a Mad Max movie, I highly recommend popping in some GUNSHIP, flicking your RayBans open and sliding them on your nose, and driving into the sunset with the perfect movie background music.

What music take YOU somewhere else? I gotta hear from you. xox Temmie


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