Read ex-wife’s note on the death of NIN keyboardist James Woolley


Yesterday, Kate Van Buren announced the passing of former Nine Inch Nails keyboardist James Woolley. Woolley toured with the band from 1991-1994 (via Rolling Stone) and performed during the group’s performance at Woodstock ’94. Woolley’s ex-wife, Van Buren, penned a heartfelt note on her ex’s passing:

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Though Woolley wasn’t credited on any albums, his Woodstock performance of “Happiness in Slavery” was remarkable enough to earn him a Grammy for Best Metal Performance Grammy.

“James Woolley stands as the first live synth player to actually remain in Nine Inch Nails for a fairly long period of time,” AntiQuiet wrote in July. “After performing on some of the band’s most noteworthy shows (Lollapalooza ’91 and Woodstock ’94), Woolley allegedly left for ‘family reasons.’ The last we heard about him, he started a band called V.O.I.D. in 2006, with their debut album Mass Distraction set for a 2013 release, but delayed due to health issues. Heading over to their straight-outta-1998 official site, and clicking on the James Woolley section, his solo track called Nothing Remains starts auto-playing. Unfortunately, all links to material from V.O.I.D. were found dead as of publishing time.”

Woolley enjoyed a remarkable tenure at a time when the band was at the height of its creative powers and popularity. He was taken too soon.

Photo credit: Sergey Tretyak.

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