Barry Gibb Performs Live On YouTube This Saturday Night

barrygibbbarrygibbThe Bee Gees really made it easy for Rock purists to shit all over them for the past 40 years. I mean really, there may be no greater symbol of the wretched excesses of the 1970s than the disco-era, medallions-and-white-suited Brothers Gibb. Were they the antithesis of everything Rock stood for? Maybe.

But this widespread perception sells the Bee Gees short. Their story is a lot more complicated than that. I can’t think of another band that rose from obscurity twice in their career to achieve massive success. Their first go-round with fame and fortune – in the 1960s – is in danger of being forgotten, and along with that the entirely defensible notion that they were among the finest songwriters of their generation disappears too.

Family acts are notoriously unstable because sibling relationships can be so volatile, but they can also create a magic chemistry of song and voice. Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb feuded and reconciled continuously for almost 50 years, and by all accounts Robin’s death in 2012 really knocked his big brother for a loop. It’s a double whammy, losing your bandmate and your last living brother at the same time.

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Well Barry Gibb is about to rise from the ashes one last time. A third go-round of success isn’t going to happen this time, but at age 70 he obviously doesn’t care about that anymore.

He announced this week that he is about to release a new album of original songs called In The Now, his first solo album in 32 years. And to celebrate the launch Gibb will host a live-streamed performance this Saturday August 20th at 7 pm EDT. The concert will feature Gibb and his band playing old Bee Gees classics as well as songs off the new album.

Gibb wants to promote his new album, but I think what he really wants to do is take one last stab at redeeming the legacy of the Bee Gees for posterity’s sake. As he told Rolling Stone in 2014: “I have to keep this music alive. Before my brothers died, I wouldn’t have thought of it that way. But that’s my job now. It’s important that people remember these songs.”

He’s right, it is important. Purists be damned, this guy’s a Rock Warrior.


By AVRO (Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1973) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons



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