Top 6 August Albums That Are Worth A Damn

1.Thee Oh Sees- A Weird Exits

When Thee Oh Sees release an album, it’s something to take notice of. The impressive piece to the Sees mythos is that even on their 11th release — yes, that’s right 11 LPs — they continue to make freaky, garage psychedelic spmgs that are as interesting as they are catchy. They’re consistent too; the heavy E-string bend of “Gelatinous Cube” clearly evokes “Iron Man”. The psychedelic organ warble of “The Axis” flexes the Sees’ Floyd muscle. For an album with eight tracks there are plenty of surprises here. They’re a band that can easily create an odyssey with each release.
Dino Jr Give A Glimpse
2.Dinosaur Jr.-Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not

Released on August 5th, many press outlets have given Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not the review treatment, so it has to be solidified on this list. Dinosaur Jr. are rock riffing masters and this records seems to provide more evidence to that fact. “Goin Down” torches the fretboard while being wrapped in a thunderous storm of drums. The track shared, “Left/Right,” adds something that only Lou Barlow’s construction can. As 90’s indie heroes, Dinosaur Jr. hasn’t lost a thing.
3.Russian Circles-Guidance

Another album that’s been released, Russian Circles are heavy, post-rock goodness. Taking influences from big etherial loomers like Isis and Pelican, Russian Circles’ 6th LP, Guidance, is more than just a typical Circles record. Strong songwriting and mantra of heavy drone will suck you in and keep you stuck in the vastness. With their post-metal ambitions you know this is going to be an interesting experience.
4.Blues Pills-Lady In Gold

When names like Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly, and Jefferson Airplane are attached to your sound, you have to be doing something right. That is truly the case for this August release. Specially formulated for classic rock fans, Blues Pills’ Lady In Gold has the soul along with the psychedelic. Don’t just call these guys a homage, call it well-versed reinterpretation.
5.Pallbearer-Fear & Fury

While not everyone here is a doom metal fan, that still shouldn’t hold you back from at least giving this EP a look. Their second album, Foundations of Burden, wouldn’t exist without bands such as Rush, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath. It takes those classical prog and psychedelic elements and crafts and emotional heavy metal rarely heard today. Fear & Fury is exciting because not only does it give us a small taste of their upcoming full length, it gives us covers of Black Sabbath’s “Over & Over” and Type O Negative’s “Love You To Death.”
6.The Pack A.D.-Positive Thinking
“So What”
When The Pack A.D. crossed my path with Do Not Engage, I didn’t expect much. But, I was surprisingly proven wrong with songs “The Water” and “Stalking Is Normal.” A cross between The Runaways and The Kills, guitarist/vocalist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller deal in sexy, heavy, and driving garage rock. That alone warrants why you should give a damn.

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