Angus Young weighs in on his future

AngusYoungAC/DC has gone through a large degree of turnover throughout the past two years as guitarist Malcolm Young left the band in 2014 due to dementia; drummer Phil Rudd wasn’t brought back to the band after experiencing legal issues in late 2014; lead singer Brian Johnson and the band parted ways earlier this year over Johnson’s hearing issues; and bassist Cliff Williams will be retiring after the band’s current tour. After all that, the question becomes where lead guitarist Angus Young will go from here.

Young was asked about his future by Rolling Stone and gave an answer filled with uncertainty.

“At this point, I don’t know,” Young said. “We were committed to finishing the tour. Who knows what I’ll feel after? When you sign on and say, ‘I’m gonna do this and that,’ it’s always good to say at the end of it, ‘I’ve done all I said I would do.’

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Young was also asked if in hindsight he thought the band should have called it quits after his brother Malcolm left.

“That might be the case,” Young said. “But Malcolm was always one to battle through. He would look at me in times of crisis and go, ‘We’ll just go in and do some work. We’ll sit and write some songs.’ He had that drive, and I feel obligated to keep it going, maybe because I was there in the beginning with him.”

Young also provided an update on his brother’s continued fight with dementia.

“It’s hard to communicate,” Young said. “I do pass on messages. I can’t be 100 percent sure it goes in there. But I let him know there are a lot of people missing him.”

If by chance AC/DC calls it a day after this tour, it would put an end to over four decades of great rock from one of the genre’s all-time fan favorites. But perhaps at age 61, Young still has some gas left in the tank. We shall see.

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  1. AC/DC is a a hell of a band. It’s always sad to hear about a rockers declining health. Especially since they seem immortal. Be well Malcolm.

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