New George Harrison Material Coming?

georgeharrisonWell wouldn’t this be a gift from above. Reached for a comment about the 10-Year anniversary of the Beatles’ Vegas stage show “Love”, Olivia Harrison told Billboard Magazine this week that she and Dhani Harrison have recently discussed finishing some unreleased tracks that George left behind before he left us so devastatingly early in 2001 at age 58.

“There are a lot of songs that are unfinished,” she said. “I think there’s a project there. I just need time to get to it.”

There’s a precedent for this, of course. George Harrison’s brilliant final album Brainwashed was released posthumously in 2002, having been tidied up and finished by Dhani and longtime Harrison friend/collaborator Jeff Lynne, a team that was always sure to put George’s best interests first. The proof was in the pudding. That album gave us some of George’s very best work, deep and personal musings about illness and death, happiness and self-determination.

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George Harrison was a wandering creative spirit, and by most accounts he would work on a song only as long as the muse moved him, and then he would go on to something else. Apparently he left more than 30 songs behind, and 12 were covered on Brainwashed, leaving at least 18 George Harrison songs that still haven’t been heard. One is called “Valentine” a song George once described as a Rocker about the power of love, not an unfamiliar topic for our sweet brother George.

And as if the release of new George Harrison material isn’t exciting enough, what’s even more thrilling are the rumors of who will help put the finishing touches on the songs. Several years ago Olivia Harrison reportedly said that instead of leaving the job only to the Dhani Harrison/Jeff Lynne team, she wanted to hand over some of these unfinished songs to more members of George’s musical family, like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and Tom Petty.

Good Lord, just the thought of these people working on new George Harrison material makes me pee my pants. I can’t even imagine how blissfully wonderful the finished songs might end up sounding. Keep your fingers crossed that this actually happens.



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