Music I’m obsessed with: Mitski and The Stooges


Happy mid-July, gang! I have nothing to report this week, as nothing even remotely interesting happened to me. I mean, maybe if somebody witnessed a few events in my life first-hand they might find them interesting, but I doubt they’d translate effectively to this space. Fortunately, I’m not here to talk about myself, though I frequently insist on it!

This week I’m feasting on a tasty treat known as Puberty 2 by the artist Mitski. She’s a singer of fascinating versatility, able to sustain a haunting sense of subdued longing in the ballad “Once More to See You” while unleashing fully  “Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars.”

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Lyrically, Mitski touches on interesting ground as well. As a biracial musician (half Japanese, half American), she is able to explore the subjects of personal identity and culture with a unique perspective not often heard in popular music. Check out “Your Best American Girl.”

So that’s what’s up this week.

Hey, speaking of the exact opposite of what we were just talking about, how great of an album is Raw Power by Iggy and the Stooges?

I’ll answer that. The most great.

Even though this was technically the second incarnation of the Stooges and there was a lot of tension behind it (former guitarist Ron Asheton being forced to play bass, etc), producer David Bowie managed to wring one last stream of genius out of a band what was essentially only existing to back up Iggy at this point. Of course, Iggy would go on to have a successful if spotty solo career writing songs about either heroin or actual candy. “Lust for Life” aside, I feel that Iggy never again attained such greatness as when he was with the Stooges. Here’s “Gimme Danger.”

Have a great week! Don’t let the fear take hold!

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