Graphic details emerge in Elton John sexual harassment accusation


After a long legal battle, The Sun reported details on accusations of sexual harassment against Elton John. One of John’s former male bodyguards accused the singer of inappropriate touching, comments and gestures.

The ex-minder’s lawsuit claims Sir Elton put his hands down his trousers in a car two years ago. He also claimed the star touched his bum and said: “Get your todger out.”

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Wenninger also claims Sir Elton twisted his nipples and demanded he “say hello to Uncle Elton’’.

The star issued a furious denial to the allegations made in California’s Superior Court. His lawyer called them “patently untrue”. (via The Sun)

John who denies any wrongdoing, stuck a deal with the former employee, Jeffrey Wenninger, and the case was dropped. John has called the suit “baseless” and an “abuse of the legal system.”

Photo credit: Ryan Junell

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