Prolific Guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Announces 12 Bi-weekly Albums

omarrodriguezlopezOmar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive In/Mars Volta) is releasing a series of solo albums via Ipecac Recordings, with the first release, Sworn Virgins, available digitally on July 15.

The previously unreleased albums were recorded from 2008 to 2013, while Rodriguez-Lopez lived in Zapopan, Mexico and as well as his eventual return to El Paso. The titles will be released on a bi-weekly basis with the first spate of albums running through the end of the year.

Each album will see a digital release with a limited number of physical copies (CD) available on Rodriguez-Lopez’s various live outings. Following the initial run of releases, a limited edition CD/LP box set will become available. You can dig a little deeper on these projects here.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is one of my favorite modern day guitarists. His prolific way knows no limits. With a lot of his solo material being an interesting mash of hit or miss, I cannot wait to see what projects such as these bear. Expect me to try and report my findings on each release.

Omar Rodriguez-López:

07-15 Sworn Virgins
07-29 Corazones
08-12 Blind Worms Pious Swine
08-26 Arañas en La Sombra
09-09 Umbrella Mistress
09-23 El Bien Y Mal Nos Une
10-07 Cell Phone Bikini
10-21 Infinity Drips
11-04 Weekly Mansions
11-18 Zapopan
12-02 Nom De Guerre Cabal
12-16 Some Need It Lonely

Photo credit: By christopher friese [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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2 comments to “Prolific Guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Announces 12 Bi-weekly Albums”
  1. It’ll be interesting to hear what he came up with… I’m amazed someone could write that many finished/polished songs! If there are 10 songs per album, that’s a song every two weeks over 5 years.

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